SMA Sunny Boy 5.0


The SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 is a high-performance 5 kW string inverter designed for residential solar systems. With SMA Smart Connected service, it ensures automatic monitoring, minimizing downtime. Quick installation, flexibility for additional features, and compatibility with Tigo TS4-R make it an efficient choice. Off-grid compatible and crafted by SMA Solar, a trusted industry leader, it’s your reliable solution for optimized solar energy generation at home


The SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 is a highly-rated string inverter designed for solar power generation in private homes. Here are the key specifications and features:
– Power Rating: 5,000W (5 kW)
– Phases: 1 Phase
– Inverter Type: String Inverter
– Built-in DC: Yes
– No. of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking): 2
– Built-in Communication: Integrated
– Off-Grid Compatible: Yes
– Manufacturer: SMA Solar
– Dimensions (mm): (H x W x D) 470 x 435 x 176
Key Features:
1. SMA Smart Connected Service: The inverter comes with the integrated SMA Smart Connected service, providing automatic monitoring of inverter operations. It analyzes performance, reports irregularities, and minimizes downtime.
2. Quick Installation: The extremely light design and strategic location of external connections facilitate quick installation. The intuitive webserver further streamlines commissioning.
3. Flexibility: Current communication standards allow for the flexible addition of intelligent energy management solutions and SMA storage solutions to the inverter at any time.
4. Tigo TS4-R Compatibility: The Sunny Boy 5.0 can be optimized using the Tigo TS4-R solution, a cost-effective system that can be integrated into any PV module design. This allows for flexibility in equipping PV modules with additional functions to strategically increase energy yields.
5. Off-Grid Compatibility: The inverter is compatible with off-grid applications, providing versatility in solar power setups.
This inverter is an efficient and reliable solution for residential solar power systems, offering advanced features for monitoring, flexibility, and optimal energy yields.


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