SMA Multicluster Box 12.3



1. Increased Power Capacity: The power of the AC main distribution unit for Sunny Island systems has been increased by 20%. This enhancement allows for the implementation of off-grid and hybrid systems in the power range of 20 to 300 kW more cost-effectively.
2. Maximum PV Output: The system supports a maximum photovoltaic (PV) output of 360 kW. This indicates the capacity to integrate a substantial solar power generation component into the overall energy system.
3. Flexible Design Capability: The Sunny Island 6.0H / 8.0H inverters offer flexible design capabilities. This flexibility, combined with the increased power capacity and maximum PV output, contributes to more adaptable and efficient system configurations.
4. Proven Technology: The Multicluster Box is built on proven technology, ensuring reliability and performance. This is crucial for energy systems, especially in off-grid or hybrid setups where consistent power supply is essential.
5. Scalable Clusters: The system allows the connection of 2 to 12 three-phase clusters. Each cluster consists of 3 Sunny Island inverters connected in parallel. This scalability provides the ability to tailor the system size to the specific power requirements.
6. Pre-wired and Factory Fitted: To simplify installation, all Multicluster Boxes come completely wired and fitted at the factory. This minimizes the on-site work required for installation, contributing to time and cost savings.
7. Main Connector for Various Sources: The Multicluster Boxes have a main connector that can accommodate generators, load distribution, and PV or wind turbine systems. This versatility enables the integration of different power sources into the system.
8. Inclusive Data Cables: All data cables required for installation are included in the delivery. This ensures that installers have everything they need for the setup, further streamlining the installation process.
9. Comprehensive Solution: The Multicluster solution for Sunny Island aims to provide a comprehensive solution for energy supply. It is designed to simplify the implementation of even complex energy supply solutions.
Overall, this system appears to be well-equipped to handle a variety of off-grid and hybrid energy setups, offering scalability, flexibility, and ease of installation.


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