Safety Jogger X2000 Safety Shoe


The Safety Jogger X2000 is a high-cut safety shoe crafted for demanding industrial environments. Made from durable nubuck leather in a stylish brown color, it features a nylon mesh lining for comfort. With water repellent and antistatic properties, it offers protection against various workplace hazards. The puncture-resistant steel sole, shockproof design, and antislip features ensure safety in diverse conditions. The steel toe meets safety standard S3, and the PU/PU sole provides additional support. Choose the Safety Jogger X2000 for reliable protection and comfort in your work environment.

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The Safety Jogger X2000 is a quality high-cut safety shoe designed for various industrial and work environments. Here are some key features based on the information you provided:
Material: Nubuck leather
Color: Brown
Lining: Nylon mesh lining
Water repellent
Puncture-resistant steel sole
Steel toe
Safety Standard: S3
Sole: PU/PU sole
If you are looking to purchase this safety shoe, it’s important to ensure that you are buying from a reliable and authorized source to get the original product with the specified features. Always follow safety guidelines and standards in your workplace and make sure the safety shoes meet the necessary requirements for your job.

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