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  • Dakar – Safety Jogger


    Dakar Safety Jogger Elevate your work safety with top-grade materials and superior design. High-quality outsoles provide excellent slip-resistance for unmatched comfort and protection on the job

  • Safety shoe BESTBOY-BLK-0020

    Safety Jogger Best Boy S3

    All-time favorite, mid-cut safety shoe


  • Safety Jogger Climber


    The Safety Jogger Climber, the toecap being made from a composite material suggests that it is not made of traditional steel but rather a lightweight alternative, often composed of materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber. Composite toecaps are popular in safety footwear for several reasons: Lightweight: As you mentioned, composite materials are lighter than…



    The Safety Jogger SAFETYSTAR S3 SRC safety shoes, a pinnacle of performance and versatility. Widely acknowledged in the industry for its all-round usability and consistent functionality, SAFETYSTAR is the go-to choice for a multitude of environments. Whether you’re working in warehouses, security, site operations, construction, or engaging in gardening and landscaping, these safety shoes deliver…

  • Safety Jogger X2000 Safety Shoe


    The Safety Jogger X2000 is a high-cut safety shoe crafted for demanding industrial environments. Made from durable nubuck leather in a stylish brown color, it features a nylon mesh lining for comfort. With water repellent and antistatic properties, it offers protection against various workplace hazards. The puncture-resistant steel sole, shockproof design, and antislip features ensure safety in diverse conditions. The steel toe meets safety standard S3, and the PU/PU sole provides additional support. Choose the Safety Jogger X2000 for reliable protection and comfort in your work environment.

  • Turbo- Safety Jogger – S3 Safety Shoes


    Turbo-Safety Jogger S3 Safety Shoes: Superior protection meets comfort. Crafted from robust composite material, these shoes resist punctures and abrasion. Slip-resistant soles provide maximum grip. Breathable lining and energy-absorbing insoles ensure comfort. Ideal for high-humidity workspaces with oil or hydrocarbons, protecting against sole perforation and foot crushing. Comfortable and highly protective for accident prevention.