Ultron 340W Monocrystalline Solar Module


The Ultron 340W Monocrystalline Solar Module delivers reliable and high-performance solar energy solutions. With power classes from 300 to 370 Wp, three bypass diodes, and a robust design featuring an aluminum frame and tempered solar glass, it ensures durability, efficiency, and long-term earnings for grid-connected systems.

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These solar modules are designed for use in grid-connected systems and offer several features:
Power Range: The modules are available in power classes ranging from 300 to 370 watts peak (Wp), indicating their capacity to generate electricity under standard test conditions.
Cell Type: They utilize monocrystalline solar cells, known for their efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity.
Bypass Diodes: Each module is equipped with three bypass diodes. Bypass diodes help optimize the performance of solar panels by reducing the impact of shading or partial cell failure.
Reliability: ULTRON SOLAR emphasizes a high-quality level, which is expected to contribute to the modules’ reliability and long life. This is crucial for ensuring a consistent and stable energy output over the lifespan of the solar panels.
Frame Design: The solar modules feature an aluminum hollow-chamber frame on each side. This design enhances the structural integrity of the modules and provides durability. The frame is an important component for mounting and protecting the solar cells.
Glass Type: The modules use low-iron and tempered solar glass. Low-iron glass allows for higher light transmittance, optimizing the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Tempered glass adds robustness and resistance to environmental factors.
Load Capacity Resistance: The combination of the aluminum frame and tempered solar glass contributes to high load capacity resistance. This means that the modules can withstand external forces and environmental conditions, providing durability in various climates.
When considering solar panels for a specific project, it’s important to evaluate factors such as efficiency, durability, warranty, and the compatibility of the modules with the intended application. Additionally, consulting with a solar energy professional can help in determining the most suitable solar solution for your specific needs.


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