Kartel HDSX 3 Phase Inverter – 15KVA to 100KVA


HDSX 3 Phase Inverter Series (15KVA-50KVA)
Explore our HDSX 3 Phase Inverter range designed for stability and efficiency. Ideal for diverse applications in industries, hotels, and more.


HDSX 3 Phase Inverter – 15KVA to 100KVA

Application Area:
The HDSX 3 Phase Inverter, ranging from 15KVA to 100KVA, caters to diverse application areas, ensuring stability and reliability in power supply. Ideal for:

– Banking Centers
– Government Houses
– Manufacturing Firms
– Hotels
– Large Restaurants
– Factories
– And More

Key Features:
– Provides stable, reliable, and safe solutions
– Suited for families, industries, and small photovoltaic power systems

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15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 40KVA, 50KVA


96V, 120V, 192V, 360V


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