Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter + 15kWh Battery (Copy)


This advanced solution, equipped with three batteries, ensures ultra-fast 3-hour charging, silent operation, and seamless energy switchover. Benefit from smart priority management for solar, battery, grid, and diesel generator, along with convenient mobile app monitoring.


Elevate your energy self-sufficiency with the Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter and 15kWh Battery. This advanced system, bundled with three batteries, delivers exceptional performance and reliability. With an ultra-fast 3-hour charging capability, minimal operating noise, and swift energy switchover, it ensures a seamless and efficient power supply. The smart priority management system intelligently handles solar, battery, grid, and diesel generator inputs, providing optimal energy utilization.

The system boasts intelligent mobile app management, allowing real-time monitoring of device status for both EPC and clients. It supports D.G. scheduling, eliminating the need for manual starts. The built-in energy optimizer facilitates the mixed use of old and new lithium batteries, enhancing flexibility.

In terms of security and reliability, the system is designed to withstand voltage fluctuations, shocks during startup, and features a rapid shutdown function for safety. Its IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, along with AFCI function and stable LFP battery, ensures robust performance even in challenging conditions. The matrix design aids in efficient heat dissipation, and the system comes with a full-dimensional high-precision sensor built into the battery.

With a comprehensive set of features, including a user-friendly LED display, cloud data management, and compatibility with various lithium-ion batteries, the Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter and 15kWh Battery system is a reliable, efficient, and intelligent solution for your power needs.


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