Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter + 10kWh Battery


Elevate your energy storage capabilities with the Huawei Power-M 5kW Inverter and 10kWh Battery system. Experience ultra-fast 3-hour charging, ultra-quiet operation, and smart priority management for solar, battery, grid, and diesel generator. With IP65 dustproof and waterproof features, AFCI function, and a robust LFP battery, this system ensures secure and reliable energy storage.


The Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter + 10kWh Battery is a state-of-the-art energy solution designed for superior performance and reliability. This system boasts an ultra-fast 3-hour charging capability, ensuring rapid and efficient energy replenishment. Its fan-less design operates quietly with a noise level of less than 29 dB, providing a peaceful environment.

Featuring smart priority management for solar, battery, grid, and DG (diesel generator), this inverter ensures optimal energy utilization. The accompanying mobile app allows users to monitor the device’s running status in real-time, facilitating efficient management. The system supports DG scheduling, eliminating the need for manual start-up.

Built with a robust and secure design, the inverter can withstand voltage fluctuations from 90–300 V, offering resilience during startup shocks. The fast shut-down capability ensures safety in emergencies. With an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The matrix design heat dissipation system, AFCI function, and the use of the most stable LFP battery technology minimize fire risks, providing a secure energy storage solution. The battery includes full-dimensional high-precision sensors for accurate monitoring.

This package comes with two batteries, expandable to three (5kWh each), allowing a maximum capacity of 15kWh. The system is modular and scalable, providing flexibility for power and energy storage capacity expansion.

Elevate your energy storage experience with Huawei’s advanced technology, offering a reliable, efficient, and intelligent solution for both residential and commercial applications.


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