Huawei Power-M 2.5kW Power Module Inverter + 5kWh Battery


The Huawei Power-M 2.5kW Inverter + 5kWh Battery is a state-of-the-art energy solution. With ultra-fast charging, silent operation, and smart management, it ensures efficient energy use. Secure and reliable, it features IP65 dustproof/waterproof design and LFP battery technology.


Huawei Power-M 2.5kW Power Module Inverter + 5kWh Battery

Discover cutting-edge energy solutions with Huawei’s Power-M inverter and 5kWh battery module. Designed for exceptional performance, this system ensures ultra-fast charging, ultra-quiet operation, and seamless energy management. With secure features like voltage withstand, fast shutdown, and IP65 protection, it provides reliability you can trust.

Key Features:
– Fast Charge: 3-hour 100% charge
– Ultra-quiet: Fanless design, <29 dB noise - Smart Priority Management: Solar, battery, grid, DG - Mobile App: Real-time monitoring and management - Secure and Reliable: Voltage withstand, fast shutdown, IP65 protection - Matrix Design Heat Dissipation - AFCI Function - Stable LFP Battery, No Fire Risk - Full-dimensional High-precision Sensors Specifications: - Output/Input Power Per Module: 2.5kW - Battery Module Capacity: 5kWh - Communication: CAN, WLAN/FE/4G (For SmartPVMS) - Dimensions (Power Module): 700mmx246mmx152mm - Weight (Power Module): 17KG - Dimensions (Battery Module): 700mmx390mmx158mm - Weight (Battery Module): 50KG - IP Rating: IP66 - Cell Technology: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) - Input Voltage: 200/208/220/230/240V AC - Input Current: Max.30A - Frequency: 50/60Hz - Maximum Bypass Input Power: 6kW


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