Homaya Pro Solar Hybrid Inverter 4kW 48V


Homaya Pro is powered from solar with an inbuilt MPPT Power all your off-grid and unreliable grid needs with reliable, affordable and clean electricity,

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Homaya Pro 4 kW is a solar-hybrid solution designed for areas with unreliable or no access to electricity. Ideal for homes, fuel stations, small offices, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and telecom towers, it offers customizable, reliable, and renewable energy access. With unique features like support for 9 lead-acid battery charging profiles, inbuilt MPPT charging mode, robust transformer-based design, and the ability to connect inverters in parallel to support loads up to 24 kW, Homaya Pro is versatile. It is compatible with LFP and customizable lead-acid charging profiles, making it suitable for various applications. Powered by solar with an inbuilt MPPT controller, it supports grid charging and can connect up to 6 inverters in parallel for a combined output of 24 kW. With flexible and scalable features, easy installation, and monitoring through an intuitive LCD screen and alarms, Homaya Pro is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for reliable off-grid electricity access.


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