Homaya Pro Solar Hybrid Inverter 3kW 24V


Power all your off-grid and unreliable grid needs with reliable, affordable and clean electricity


Efficient Energy Solutions for Micro Enterprises
Empower your micro-enterprise with Homaya Pro, the solar-hybrid solution tailored to meet the energy needs of small businesses. Its inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracking charging mode ensures optimal energy utilization, maximizing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Connect up to 6 inverters in parallel, supporting loads of up to 24 kW, providing the energy backbone your business requires.

Key Features:

Inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracking for efficient energy harvesting
Parallel connectivity for scalable energy output
Customizable lead acid charging profile for tailored energy solutions
Homaya Pro isn’t just a power source; it’s a strategic business investment, enhancing productivity and ensuring your enterprise thrives in an energy-efficient environment.


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