C&D AES 12V 196Ah VRLA AGM Battery


The C&D AES 12-2170F is a high-performance 12V 196Ah VRLA AGM Battery designed for reliable energy storage. With a compact size of 21.99″ x 4.95″ x 12.68″ and a weight of 134 lbs (61 kg), this maintenance-free battery is ideal for various applications. Its 12-volt capacity and advanced AGM technology ensure efficient and durable power for your diverse energy requirements.

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The C&D AES 12V 196Ah VRLA AGM Battery comes with the following specifications:
1. Voltage:
– 12 Volts
2. Capacity:
– 196 Amp-Hours (Ah) at a 20-Hour Rate
3. Dimensions:
– Length: 21.99 inches
– Width: 4.95 inches
– Height: 12.68 inches
4. Weight:
– Weight: 134 lbs
– Weight: 61 kg
This VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is designed for various applications where reliable and maintenance-free energy storage is essential. AGM batteries are sealed, making them suitable for installations where minimal ventilation is available. The specifications provided, including the voltage, capacity, dimensions, and weight, offer key details for selecting and installing the battery in specific power systems or equipment.


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